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Putting Your Gender Reveal Party Together on the Spot

Gender Reveal Party Together on the Spot

  You have been planning a gender reveal party since the day you found out you were pregnant. When the day of your 20ish week ultrasound gets here, you know you won't be able to contain your excitement. You'll walk out of the doctor's that day with an envelope in your hand that will be able to answer the most hotly debated question of your pregnancy: boy or girl? 

  You've seen the videos of the expectant parents revealing the gender of their baby in front of their family and you want to do that. However, you know you're just too excited to wait another day to find out which section of the Big Book of Baby Names you are going to need to turn to. 

  Don't worry, you can throw a gender reveal party together in a day. You just have to start planning before your appointment!


Advanced Planning

  When you begin to think about your gender reveal party at the very beginning of your pregnancy, it's a good idea to start planning it. Throwing a party together on the spot doesn't mean waiting until the last minute to purchase what you will need. Although, we do have a few tips for that, which we will get to at the end.

  Instead of waiting until the day of that ultrasound appointment, you should purchase items slowly throughout the weeks leading up to it. The goal is to have almost everything you need by the time you receive the sacred envelope from the physician. Decorations, the gender reveal props and even your outfit are all things you can purchase in advance. 

  You may be wondering how you can buy the gender reveal party props in advance if you don't know the sex of the baby. That's easy!


Buy Both!


  If you are planning the party in advance, so that you can put it together on the spot, you'll still need props. That means you will have to purchase the reveal method early too. Obviously, you won't know the gender of the little one yet which means you'll have to purchase both pink and blue gender reveal products.

  Here are some ideas and descriptions for affordable, fun ways to reveal the baby's gender:

  • Gender reveal confetti cannons bundle: These are so much fun. All you do is twist and confetti springs forth and reveals the baby's gender. With this bundle you will get four cannons total, two blue and two pink, for under $15. 

  • Gender reveal smoke bombs: These cool smoke bombs work just like the ones you'd light any other time of the year, you just light the wick and wait for the show. For less than $7, you can get one pink and one blue smoke bomb. It's a great deal and the low price means you could buy several bundles and have a blast on your big day!

  • Gender reveal burnout: Do you love racing? Have you always wanted someone to reveal the gender of your baby with a burnout? Who could blame you, it's an awesome way to learn what you're having! For about $30 you can buy a burnout kit for both genders and tuck them away for the day of the celebration.

  • Gender reveal darts: Have you ever played the game Pop The Belly at a baby shower? You could do that on your gender reveal day by purchasing a darts kit. For under $25 you can get a balloon for each gender. On the big day, have your gender secret keeper add the proper balloon to the board, then fill in the other spots with regular black balloons. Start throwing darts and let the gender out of the belly!

  When the day of the reveal is here, have the designated keeper of the gender pick out the right props and get them set up. That way you can be surprised too!

What if You Didn't Plan?

  If you didn't have time to plan a whole lot for the party, you can do something really simple. Hand over the gender envelope to whoever you chose to keep it safe and have them bake a simple gender reveal cake with food coloring in the middle to represent the gender of your new babe. Slather that bad boy with frosting and all you have to do is cut into it when your moment arrives.

  Either way, this is one of the most treasured days of your life. Enjoy the moment when your baby's gender is revealed and remember, they grow so fast you'll want to savor this.

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