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Do Parents Know The Gender Before The Gender Reveal?

Do Parents Know The Gender Before The Gender Reveal


  Many new parents are excited to throw a gender reveal party. Sometimes they are excited to tell everyone they know the news, or they just want another reason to host a fun party. On the other hand, one or both parents may want to be surprised at the event too. Who knows or doesn’t know the gender beforehand is completely up to the parents. In either case having a gender reveal celebration is a great way for parents to express excitement over their soon-to-be child. 


Both Parents Know Before The Gender Reveal Party


  In some cases, both parents know the gender of their child in advance. In these cases, it may be more about surprising other family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, or cousins. Or in other cases the focus of the event is to spend time with several close friends who want to be part of the life of the soon-to-be child. And for others the real reason for throwing a gender reveal is to have an excuse for a party. 


  In cases where both parents know the gender beforehand, they can choose the type of gender reveal items they would like to have. They might choose gender reveal party favors at an intimate event or a gender reveal powder cannons if they want to invite the whole neighborhood. What items they choose is only limited by their imagination.


  Having both parents know the gender in advance can be a fun way to do a gender reveal because both parents get to contribute to the planning stage. Working on a gender reveal celebration can help both parents relax because they know that they are working together as a team to take care of their child.


One Parent Knows The Gender Beforehand


  Sometimes one parent wants to surprise the other with the big reveal. This might be because they want to capture the look on their partner's face when they hear the big news. In other cases, one spouse knows that the other would struggle to not tell everyone in advance because they would simply be too excited about the news to keep it to themselves.


  If it is the father who is being surprised there are a wide range of gender reveal products, they might enjoy such as sport gender reveal items. This could look like using a gender reveal soccer ball, gender reveal basketball, or gender reveal golf balls. In other cases, this might look like using a gender reveal burnout for the car.


  If it is the mother who is being surprised it might be a great time for a wide range of gender reveal balloons or having gender reveal edible items. In the end it doesn't really matter what type of products we choose; we can personalize our celebration for those we care about.


Neither Parents know Gender Reveal Beforehand


  Sometimes both parents want to be surprised. In these cases, we can create a “keeper of the gender” who is the only one who knows in advance. The keeper can either work with the parents to determine what type of gender reveal celebration they would like or keep it all a surprise. 


  Having a “keeper of the gender” takes the pressure off the parents to have to throw a party themselves. Often parents already have a lot on their plate as they plan to welcome a new child, knowing that a close friend is planning their gender reveal can be a big relief and bring peace of mind.


  It can also be more fun for parents to attend a party someone else oversees than having to host the party ourselves. This type of party can also be combined with other parties we might be hosting for the parents such as a baby shower. There are many ways friends and family can help new parents celebrate.


  The important part is creating a celebration that parents can look back fondly at for years to come. These celebrations are simply ways for the parents to announce to the world how much they are looking forward to meeting their new child. Sometimes this means that both parents know in advance of the gender reveal, sometimes one parent knows, and sometimes a gender keeper is used so that parents can be surprised too. There is an amazing array of gender reveal items that can be used to create a very personalized experience for everyone. From elaborate reveals to even easy gender reveal ideas, we can help enhance your big day! We even have safe gender reveal ideas for kids if you would like to include all family members. All parents deserve a moment of being in the spotlight and feeling the deep love of family and friends. Our goal is to help you plan the perfect event and help answer any questions, even if it's as simple as when should a gender reveal be done

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