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Who Should Host Our Gender Reveal Party?

Who Should Host Our Gender Reveal Party


  When we are planning a gender reveal celebration, we often find there are several questions we need to ask if we want the celebration to be amazing. For many of us one major question is who will be hosting the celebration. Who hosts will depend on whether the parents know the gender in advance or whether they want to be just as surprised as everyone else. In addition, who hosts often comes down to exactly how involved the parents want to be in planning the gender reveal party.


  While there are several different people who might host a gender reveal party it often comes down to what kind of celebration the parents will most enjoy. Gender reveal celebrations are for the parents and allow them to welcome their new family member. Some parents love to host celebrations while other parents would love for someone else to do the planning for them. In either case there are wonderful gender reveal party items any host can use to have a successful gender reveal celebration.


Soon To Be Parents Planning The Gender Reveal


  Sometimes the parents want to be the ones to host the gender reveal celebration because they want to be in control. They may have a strong vision for what they want their gender reveal to be like. This might be especially true for first time parents because they want everything to be perfect for their new child. If the parents have a strong vision for the gender reveal party it is important to allow them to lead the planning and hosting. Parents should be able to have the experience of their dreams as they celebrate their new child. This also allows them to craft the perfect reveal with gender reveal smoke bombs or a sports reveal for dad! We offer endless gender reveal ideas on how to plan and execute the perfect celebration. 


Close Family Members Hosts The Big Reveal Party


  Sometimes others in the household want to host the gender reveal party so the parents can relax and simply enjoy it. Close family members are likely to know what type of celebration the soon-to-be parents would most enjoy. This works especially well if there are older children in our household. For many children it can be a lot of fun helping to plan a party for their parents to celebrate their new sibling. It can also be nice if family members who live close such as grandparents, aunts or uncles can get involved. This is one way to show the new child that they are surrounded by a large loving family.


Close Friends Throw Your Gender Reveal


  Sometimes it is fun to have friends help host the gender reveal party. Friends can choose to host in spaces such as local parks. One of the advantages of having friends host the event is that these celebrations can occur in larger spaces and the parents will not have to worry about cleaning up after the event. Having friends host these celebrations is also great if the parents want to be surprised about the gender along with the guests. In these cases, the keeper of the gender can know and get the appropriate gender reveal items while knowing that the parents will be kept in the dark until the big reveal. When planning a big reveal some popular products tend to be gender reveal confetti cannons or gender reveal powder cannons


Other Significant Individuals In Our Plans


  When choosing who to host a gender reveal celebration we can also think creativity. This can look like tapping bridesmaids, maids of honor, or those who already are signed up to throw a baby shower. Sometimes it is nice to combine celebrations and helps select gender reveal decoration ideas. These individuals are also people we already trust with hosting important events so we know they will do a great job.  If we choose such individuals to tap to be the host, it is important that we check in with them and ask if they have the necessary time available. Sometimes people find that they are busy and can only host one celebration for us.


  In the end it doesn't matter who hosts the gender reveal celebration. It is also not important that the gender reveal turns out perfect if the event is filled with love. Love for the new parents. Love for the new child. Love for the wider community of friends and family who will help support and nurture the soon-to-be child.


  Gender reveals can be private events where only close family members are invited or large celebrations where the whole community can get involved. We can choose from a range of gender reveal items and choose if the event will be in person or virtual. There is no right or wrong way to host a gender reveal celebration which means that we all can relax and enjoy ourselves. The goal at the end of the day is everyone has a smile on their face and is excited to meet the soon-to-be child.

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