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Gender Reveal Desserts

Gender Reveal Desserts

Something Sweet Is a Must For Your Gender Reveal Party

  The latest trend in gender reveal parties is super cute gender reveal desserts. The moment when you reveal whether your baby is a girl or a boy is special, and you want it to be one that your entire family won't ever forget. 

  While you're searching for gender reveal ideas to make your party pop, you'll also be thinking of decor options and the best desserts to serve your guests right up until the big reveal at the end of the night. If you're stuck on what type of sweet treats to serve at your party, you're in luck, we have a few suggestions that will make your gender reveal a roaring — and delicious — success. 

Whip Up a Cotton Candy Stand

  Of course, you're not going to want the big reveal until the end of the evening, so the desserts you choose, while they need to be pink and blue, shouldn't give even a little hint as to the gender of the baby. One popular dessert that expectant parents are using is a cotton candy stand. If you're having a lawn party, complete with outdoor games, setting a cotton candy stand up in a corner of the yard with sticks of blue and pink cotton candy can be a fun addition to the party. Add some gender reveal stickers to the cart for an added touch of anticipation. 

These Bars Are Berry Tasty

  While you want plenty of gender reveal desserts at your party, that doesn't mean that the treats you choose can't be healthy. Berry bars, like this recipe from the Food Network, combine the tartness of blueberries with the goodness of pie. Switch the recipe up for your gender reveal by mixing pink berries and blueberries in the mix, so people don't think they've guessed the gender of the baby ahead of time. At the end of the night, when you fill up with air your gender reveal balloons, and let them go, everyone will still be surprised. 

Pop Go the Cake Pops

  Cake pops are always trending, and they're the perfect addition to the gender reveal dessert table. Blue and pink cake pops are cute, easy-to-eat, and even fun to decorate. They are even yummier when you decorate them with white chocolate, then put blue and pink sprinkles on each one. If you want to keep them really guessing, then make a batch of blue, and a batch of pink cake pops to go on the dessert table. That should keep your guests well-fed and happy until the end of the event when you shoot off the pink confetti cannons to let them know your baby is a girl. 

More Popping With Pink and Blue Popcorn

  Not everyone at your party is going to love desserts, so a batch of pink and blue popcorn might be just the ticket to keep them satisfied between meals. You can pop a bowl of salty popcorn or serve it's a boy or it's a girl colored popcorn snacks. You'll get extra points if you serve the popcorn in little pink and blue cups.  Need other gender reveal food ideas? Make sure to jump on over to our gender reveal idea section to help answer any party quesiton!

Think Drinks With Pink and Blue Lemonade

  No gender reveal party is complete without a signature drink. Of course, you're probably not going to want to serve alcohol at your party, so pink and blue lemonade will whet the appetites of your guests for the big reveal to come. Try strawberry or raspberry lemonade for your pink beverage and put blue food coloring in regular lemonade for the blue. Make sure to add a few gender reveal balloons to the drink table with your lemonade for a sweet touch. 

White Chocolate and Strawberries Never Looked So Good

  After the tartness of the pink and blue lemonade, your guests might appreciate the freshness of a heaping platter of dipped strawberries. Not only are strawberries good for you, but they're also cute as a button when placed on the dessert table. Dip your strawberries in white chocolate, then use food coloring to tint them blue and pink. 

Frosting and Oreos: A Match Made in Gender Reveal Heaven

  While Oreos are certainly great all by themselves, for a gender reveal dessert, you can dip them in pink and blue frosting, then top them with blue and pink sprinkles. It's a simple dessert for the party. They don't take long to make and gives you time to work on the big reveal. Maybe you fancy another type of cookie? Make sure to take a look at our gender reveal cookies blog to figure out which idea is best for you!

The Big Reveal: Let Them Eat Cake

  Once the big moment arrives and it's time to reveal the gender of your baby, you can't go wrong with using a cake for the big announcement. There are so many different styles, flavors, and ways to reveal the gender of your baby with cake that it's hard to name them all. The best and most common idea is a pink or blue cake with the big reveal being made when the expectant parents cut the first slice. Need another dessert plan for the party? check out our gender reveal cake ideas right now.

  These are just a few of the best gender reveal dessert ideas to make your party a success. They are the perfect treats to eat while guests are waiting on the big reveal. 

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